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Welcome to Kiln-Fired Communications.  We are dedicated to enhancing communication between and among cultures and sub-cultures, especially around the issues of peace and justice (social, political, economic and environmental).  Using documentary film, television and other media as well as seminars, workshops and structured cross-cultural experiences, KFC seeks to expand the sense of community by creating more widely shared realities. 

"Reality", of course is more a construction than a perception, so "shared realities" are really the only ones worth the name.  And the only logical means to creating shared reality is through communication.  So effective communication is the way - the only way - out of the many messes we are in.

We believe that the sometimes artificial, often antagonistic, inevitably inequitable dichotomies of the world – White and Black, male and female, rich and poor, gay and straight, young and old, Christian and Muslim, indigenous and alien…- can find common ground through communication.  This does not mean that “truth” lies in the middle; sometimes one group has much more to teach the other - especially when one group, cuture or sub-culture has dominated for long periods of  time (read, in this country, White, European, male, straight, Christian) and has lost the capacity or inclination to learn other ways of thinking.

Our Mission Statement restates all this with more words, if not better communication.

© Richard Hendrick 2012