Richard Hendrick.  President.

Dick Hendrick has been involved in education and communication since just before the Punic Wars.  Not really.  He got interested in Education at Princeton, where he studied Politics, and got interested in Communications (Television Production) at Harvard, where he studied Human Development.  He has always stood - somewhat awkwardly - with one foot in academia and the other in production, having taught for many years in the Education Department at Dartmouth College and commuting weekly to New York City to work in "The Biz".  He has produced prime-time documentaries, produced and consulted in Europe and agitated politically from left field.  He builds (his own house) and flies (his own plane) and grows (his own food).  As a matter of principle he tries to dedicate his time to producing material that is both engaging and enlightening.  His favorite person is his eight-year old son, Dylan.

Board of Directors

Bios coming.

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